About GTG

Introduction to Dagorhir

Dagorhir is a federally recognized non-profit organization. The primary focus of Dagorhir is the foam-fighting sport. However, non-fighters are also encouraged to participate in other ways. There is a very limited magic aspect, consisting of healing and rare scenarios with a magic component. For the most part, Dagorhir is played by members using their personal athletic ability and the gear they carry. All members at all events must have a current waiver on file. There are over 200 registered Dagorhir chapters, each with a unique geographical location, name and organization structure. For more information, please visit the Dagorhir website. 

Introduction to Gestiguiste

Gestiguiste is a Dagorhir fighting unit. The main body of Gestiguiste, our homeland, is a unit in Northern Virginia and is part of the Aratari chapter. Additional members of Gestiguiste reside in other geographic locations outside of Northern Virginia. These groups are called outposts and the members are part of Gestiguiste. Gestiguiste offers a friendly, welcoming environment, where like-minded people can fight, hang out together and have a great time. 

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