Welcome to Gates of Fire XV!!!
A multi-day immersive Dagorhir campout experience where fantasy meets reality! Dagorhir is a live-action role-playing game (LARP) where participants unleash their personas in medieval style combat! This premier spring campout is proudly hosted by Gestiguiste in the gorgeous mountains of Champion, Pennsylvania!!!
Building upon past events and attendee feedback, we continously stive to improve your event experience. If you have any questions, please don't hesistate to ask. Thanks to the Mountain Pines staff, our volunteers, and most importantly you!


Troll Opens
  •   The cost for the event is $30 for ages 15+ $20 for children ages 3-14 and free for Infants ages 0-2.
  •  All attendees are required to sign a waiver during check-in.
  •  A legal guardian must notarize a signature and be present and responsible for minors at all times.

Friday Fighting and Festivities

Establish your camp and enjoy the onsite amenities Mountain Pines has to offer!

  • Food truck
  • Well stocked general store
  • Ample access to electricity
  • Warm showers

Pick up fights will be held on the main battlefield where you can display your weapon handling, footwork and shield skills.

Friday Night Fights Under the Lights!
Join fierce comrades in competitive battle fighting under twinkling points of light in the night sky on an illuminated battlefield!

All Day

Come warm your bones by the fire! Roast marshmellows, share tales of adventures, catchup with old friends and create new memories.

8:00 - 11:00PM
Quiet Time

Reduce noise and enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the night sky.

Midnight - 8:00AM
Weapon Check at Pavilion (Area 4)

If you need help getting your weapons passed, we will have some supplies to help correct minor infractions.

10:00AM - Noon
Ice Breaker Battles

Noon - 1pm
Themed Battle Events

See the SCENARIOS we have prepared for you below

1:00PM - 4:00PM
Feast at Club House (Area 13)

Dine in the great halls that put Valhalla to shame. Forge alliances and make eternal friendships.

  • Meatballs
  • Fried Chicken
  • Parsley Buttered Potatoes
  • Rigatoni w/Sauce
  • Vegetables
  • Dinner Rolls
  • and more

Come dressed in your best garb for the feast we have prepared. We will be holding a garb contest. The contest will be based on creativity, orginality and authenticity. The winner will be awarded $100.

5:00PM - 7:00pm

Come warm your bones by the fire! Roast marshmellows, share tales of adventures, catchup with old friends and create new memories.

8:00 - 11:00PM
Quiet Time

Reduce noise and enjoy the peaceful tranquility of the night sky.

Midnight - 8:00AM
Enjoy the mountain air and the magical moment that marks the beginning of a new day. All camp sites should be clean before departing. We hope you had a great time.
Everyone has departed by Noon



2.5 Holy Point Scenario

A slightly more complex version of the old standard.
Field Setup:
  An open field, with res points, holy points and objectives.
  Each res point will be clearly marked. (May be manned with a herald, for res throttling.)
  The primary holy point will have a “control” herald and control pole. (Flip for red/blue control.)
Holy Points:
  Will be large circles, perhaps 20’ and 10’ diameter. (Depends on scale of event.)
  If one team completely controls the primary holy point, they will raise the team color flag.
  There is no need to track points/etc. People will fight for fun.
Game Play:
  Red and Blue players start behind their resurrection point, outside of the field of play.
  Gold players may start in the center circle or at their res point.
  When lay-on is called, fighting ensues.
  Gold Team:
  This is the “spoiler” team. Needs to be cohesive and able to quickly adapt to changes.
  Ideally, one unit/group of decent fighters. (About 10-15% of total participants.)
  If one team controls the holy point, Gold becomes “allied” with the other team.
  If no team fully controls the holy point, Gold has no alliances. They fight for control!
  They res at the Gold res point and their sole objective is to retake the center circle.
  If control switches, their alliance immediately switches


Castle Siege Scenario

Defending the castle seems hopeless against the never-ending stream of attackers!
Field Setup:
  Attackers start in the Wildlands, below their initial Res Point, ready to capture the castle.
  Defenders start in the Wildlands, above their initial Res Point, ready to defend the Swamp.
Game Play:
  When lay-on is called, fighting ensues. Defenders may move forward / down towards attackers.
  When Defenders Die: Move behind the “next” Res Point and defend from there, unless in Castle.
  When Attackers Die: Touch-and-go Res Point, which moves forward / up as they control locations.
  Bogs, Fire Pits and Walls: If a player steps into any marked location, they are dead.
  Players may jump, swing and use missiles across Bogs and Fire Pits.
  City Walls (Infinitely Tall): Players may NOT jump, swing or use missiles across city walls.
  Castle Walls (Infinitely Tall): Same as City Walls, except Defenders may fire missiles through Castle Walls.
  Defender Mage: The mage is an ethereal being who may move through city and castle walls
  Lightening Bolts: Destroy the first body part or item they hit. (They may be healed and resurrected.)
  Fireballs: Kills the first player hit or who has their gear hit. (Any gear they are holding or wearing.


Little Bo Peep Scenario

Little Bo-Peep has lost her tasty sheep, and we know where to find them!
Field Setup:
  A long narrow pasture will be clearly marked. Any player outside of the pasture is dead.
  The sheep are resources which are scattered about the pasture.
  In the center of the long sides, each team will have a sheep pen, for holding captured sheep
  The primary objective of the shepherd is to collect sheep and bring them back to their pen.
  Shepherds will be clearly identified with unique garb. (White tunic, headband, crook, etc.)
  Shepherds may not carry or use any fighting gear of any kind. (No shields, no armor, etc.)
  The shepherds are the only players on the field who may move sheep.
  A shepherd may only move one sheep at a time, with running allowed. (Sheep are fast)
  A sheep being moved must remain in contact with the ground the entire time. (Sheep are heavy)
  Shepherds may steal sheep from the opponent’s sheep pen. (Dirty sheep rustlers!)
  Shepherds may not be: grabbed, held, grappled, shield bashed or body checked. (No rough play)
  Shepherds may not: grab, hold, grapple or body check any player on the field. (No rough play)
  Shepherds are immune to missiles, but may be injured by non-missile weapons.
  Shepherds may declare themselves to be dead at any time, for any reason.
  A shepherd may resurrect by touching any part of the sheep pen with any part of their body
Game Play:
All players will start behind their resurrection line, outside of the field of play.
  When lay-on is called, all players enter the field and fighting ensues.
  When players die, they step out of bounds on their side of the field, behind their res line.
  At any time, any dead player may declare that they are consuming a sheep. They should loudly yell out the declaration to all their dead comrades, and then visibly throw the sheep out of bounds. At this time, all dead players who are behind their resurrection line resurrect and re-enter the field of play.
  It is up to each team to decide how to protect their shepherd and their sheep.
  It is also up to each team to decide how to manage their resources to their advantage.
  Heralds may introduce new sheep into play, to ensure a more fun scenario for everyone

"Thank you for a great day, this was my first time to Gates and I will be there next year."
- Shawn Arrick Riley
"Thank you for a wonderful event."
- Josh Heni
"I had an amazing time. Everyone fought tirelessly and hard on the other team, and I know I kept telling you guys on the field that you're my favorites .. but I wanted to say it here. Fighting you all was a total blast and I love you for it."
- Catia Achillea
Home safe, got back a little after 3. Gonna pass out, had an amazing time as always.
- Marissa Kystune Alexander
 $30 for ages 15+, $20 for children ages 3-14 and free for Infants ages 0-2.


Mountain Pines Campground in Champion PA offers water/electric tent sites, 50 amp full RV hook-ups, deluxe and primitive cabin rentals. They have onsite propane and gasoline, two dump stations, golf cart rentals, and a store with limited items. They are home to the largest outdoor swimming pool in the state of Pennsylvania! You can also enjoy a game of 18-hole mini golf, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, gaga ball, jump pad and more.
Mountain Pines Campground
1662 Indian Creek Valley Rd
Champion, PA 15622


Map Legend

  • 1. Event Administration area and nightlife
  • 2. Reserved for merchants
  • 3. Main camping area. (water, electricity, grills, fire rings, concrete pads)
  • 3B. Limited camping and Bonfire Area.
  • 4. Primitive camping area. Fires are not permitted in this area!!!
  • 5, 6, 12. Parking areas available for use
  • 7. Quiet camping area
  • 8. Fighting field.
  • 9. Bath house and dumpster.
  • 10. Unavailable for use. No parking allowed
  • 11. Troll cabin on the left, security cabin on the right.
  • 13. Club house