The Most Distinguished LARP Unit Around

Feel The Rhythm Of The relentless clash of SWORDS

In the eternal cycle of adventure, participants engage in a captivating odyssey of fight, feast, frolic, and repeat. With swords raised high and spirits ablaze, they plunge into the fray, their hearts pounding with the thrill of battle. Led by veterans and adorned in meticulously crafted armor, members of Gestiguiste breathe life into characters of myth and legend. From thrilling battles beneath ancient oaks to diplomatic negotiations within the walls of grand castles, every moment spent within the embrace of Gestiguiste promises an unforgettable journey into mystical domains and enchanted realms.

Medieval Combat

Fight fast paced and full contact battles with padded weapons

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Camping and Feasts

Dine in great halls that put Valhalla to shame and forge alliances

Craft Your Legend

Design your persona, determine your kit, develop your skill and decide your fate

Future Battles and CAMPOUTs

The future holds boundless possibilities for immersive battles and unforgettable campouts. Clad in elaborate costumes crafted to embody knights, wizards, elves, and other fantastical beings, they converge in sprawling forests or picturesque meadows transformed into realms of wonder. Throughout the day, the air echoes with the clash of swords, the crackle of arcane spells, and the cries of triumph and defeat. As the sun sets and shadows lengthen, campfires flicker to life, illuminating tents adorned with banners of noble houses and guilds. Amidst the crackling flames, tales of legendary quests and mythical beasts are shared, sparking anticipation for the battles to come. These gatherings serve as a celebration of creativity, camaraderie, and the boundless possibilities of imagination, leaving participants with memories of unforgettable adventures in a world where dreams and reality intertwine.

May 25 – 27 2024


Schwattwarz 2024

1069 Valley Rd, Knoxville, MD

August 24, 2024



Roundtree Park, VA

September 5 – 8



Spring Valley OH

Meet Our Unit LEADERS

With unwavering resolve and tactical acumen, unit leaders rally their troops, instilling courage in the face of adversity and marshaling their forces with strategic precision. Their words are a clarion call to action, their presence a pillar of strength amid the chaos of combat. Through their example, unit leaders inspire loyalty and camaraderie, forging bonds that transcend mere allegiance and uniting warriors in a common cause. In the crucible of battle, it is the leadership of these noble figures that often proves the difference between victory and defeat, earning them the reverence and admiration of all who follow.