Join GTG

If you are new to the whole foam fighting sport and you are over 15 years old, joining is super-simple. Say something like “I want to join!” and you’re in. Once you have a completed waiver on file, we will provide an overview of the sport, instruction, advice, and loaner gear so you can start hitting your friends. If you are not interested in fighting, but still would like to be a member, keep reading! We welcome you also! 

Come talk to us at a practice or battle if you are interested in joining.

Characters and Characterization

Gestiguiste welcomes all characters, from all periods of fantasy and history. The benefits of being inter-dimensional time travelers are amazing! We have pixies, pirates, demons, dragons, elves, dwarves, humans, etc. You should strive to have some form of garb, armor, and fighting gear that fits your character. However, you must meet the minimum garb requirements in the Dagorhir Manual of Arms.

Former Members of Other groups

If you are a current or former member of Dagorhir or any other foam/stick fighting organization and you would like to join, the process is a little different. First contact (erekosegtg@gmail.com) one of our officers and ask about joining. We will have a discussion with you and with each other to determine the best method for your admission. Depending on your level of involvement in the other group and your sincerity in joining Gestiguiste to be part of Gestiguiste, we will offer a path to membership. This will typically include a mercenary period prior to becoming a Soak. This gives you a chance to try us out and us a chance to try you out and see if it is a good match for everyone. Dual citizenship is not available. 

Non-Combat Membership

Gestiguiste is made up of combat and non-combat members. If you choose to be a non-combat member, you will be included and recognized for your contributions to Gestiguiste. This is open to all people above the Dagorhir Aratari legal age limit of fifteen who wish to formally join Gestiguiste as non-combatants. Non-combat members are expected to contribute to the success of Gestiguiste. Any service or contribution is done at the discretion of the member. For a service to count, you must discuss with a general in advance. 

There are many ways non-combat members may volunteer to help the unit. As always, people are better at some things than others and have things they prefer to do. Below is a list of ideas and your additional input is welcome:

  • Sustenance: Food/water provision
  • Body: First aid, face/body painting, make-up, massages
  • Gestiguiste support: banner and garb-making, recruiting members
  • Dagorhir support: assist with check-in, weapons check, battle heralding
  • Reporting: photography, event write-up, member interviews
  • Mogul: donation of cash or requested items
  • Entertainment: bardic, roleplay, event hosting

Non-combatants that have contributed a service or contribution to Gestiguiste become “Recruits”. This is the non-combat rank equivalent to the combat rank of Soak. 

Non-combatants may become members as follows: 

  • Perform a service or contribution three separate times. 
  • Own and wear Dagorhir legal garb during events. 
  • Request to become a member. 
  • Receive a vote of 3/4 or more in favor by the members of Gestiguiste during an event. 
  • Be promoted to the rank of Belatore, as a non-combatant. 
  • This is the highest rank available for non-combat members. 
  • Once a Recruit becomes a Full Non-Combat Member, they will receive a Belatore promotion ceremony and black sash. 

Since Gestiguiste is primarily a combat related organization, certain limitations apply to non-combat members. Non-Combat members: 1. May not make rules or purchase proposals, 2. Are only eligible to receive the General’s Award, 3. May only vote on non-combat related issues.