Coins/Auctions: This year we will have a new gold coin currency.

  • Every attendee arriving prior to the auction Saturday evening will receive four coins.
  • Additional coins may be gambled for, earned, or traded for.
  • Participants may create economy, using the coins as tender for barter and trade.
  • The auction will be held on Saturday around 6:00pm during the feast in the Club House.
  • The items auctioned off will be a variety of items people might be interested in.
Item #Ordered List of Auction Items
2LED Tent Light
3LED Tent Light
4Collapsible LED Camp Lantern
5Blue Camp Chair
6Machete with Sheath
7Gray Dragon Folding Knife
8Blue Dragon Folding Knife
9Survival Fixed Blade
10Cano Blade / Machete
11Bulleye Game (Target and Balls)
12Nice Cans Game (CANS and Bean Bags)
13Cone Heads Game (Rings and Cones)
1438″ Curved Blade Sword
1530″ Curved Blade Sword
1620″ Curved Blade Sword
1738″ Crusader sword
1835″ Gold Dragon Sword
1948″ Dragon Sword
20Viking Drinking Horn (Medium)
21Rubber Mace / Billy Club
22Suaron’s Eye Goblet
23Viking Drinking Horn (Large)
24Rubber Mace / Billy Club