Welcome to Gates of Fire XVII!!!
A multi-day immersive foam fighting campout experience where fantasy meets reality! Gates of Fire is a live-action role-playing game (LARP) where participants unleash their personas in medieval style combat! This premier spring campout is proudly hosted by Gestiguiste in the gorgeous mountains of Champion, Pennsylvania!!!
Building upon past events and attendee feedback, we continously stive to improve your event experience. If you have any questions, please don’t hesistate to ask. Thanks to the Mountain Pines staff, our volunteers, and most importantly you!

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For further enlightenment and to enrich thine understanding, I beseech thee, scroll down with purpose and resolve. Therein lies more knowledge to sway thy heart and mind towards our noble cause. 📜✨

Event Schedule

Hear ye, hear ye! Attend closely as I divulge the details of our noble quest:

🛡️ Noble Pricing:

  • Upon the morrow of Tuesday, a fee of $50 shall be levied for adults, while the youth betwixt 3 and 14 winters shall be charged $25. Tuesday is designated for early arrivals. Be informed that no activities will be planned on this day.
  • Shouldst thou grace us with thy presence on Wednesday or Thursday, the cost for adults shall be $45, whilst the young squires and maidens shall pay $20.
  • As the week wanes, on Friday or Saturday, the fare shall diminish to $35 for adults and a mere $15 for the younger brethren.

Know this, fair citizens: the cost of the event remaineth steadfast, be it that thou dost choose to pitch thy tent beneath the stars, do battle upon the field, or partake in the grand feasts of our realm. So, ready thy purse and gird thy loins, for an epic adventure awaits, regardless of thine arrival! 🏰⚔️

Just to clear: The cost for Adults/Children-3-14yo is based on day of arrival as follows: Tues $50/$25 3-14yo, Wed-Thur $45/$20 3-14yo, Fri-Sat $35-$15 3-14yo

“Thank you for a great day, this was my first time to Gates and I will be there next year.”

– Shawn Arrick Riley

“I had an amazing time. Everyone fought tirelessly and hard on the other team, and I know I kept telling you guys on the field that you’re my favorites .. but I wanted to say it here. Fighting you all was a total blast and I love you for it.”

– Catia Achillea

“Thank you for a wonderful event.”

– Josh Heni

“Home safe, got back a little after 3. Gonna pass out, had an amazing time as always.”

– Marissa Kystune Alexander


Mountain Pines Campground in Champion PA offers water/electric tent sites, 50 amp full RV hook-ups, deluxe and primitive cabin rentals. They have onsite propane and gasoline, two dump stations, golf cart rentals, and a store with limited items. They are home to the largest outdoor swimming pool in the state of Pennsylvania! You can also enjoy a game of 18-hole mini golf, basketball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, gaga ball, jump pad and more.

Mountain Pines Campground
1662 Indian Creek Valley Rd
Champion, PA 15662


0. Mountain Pines Office/ Troll1. Gates of Fire Troll Cabin
2. Medic Cabin3. Towne Square: Stage, Bar, Merchants, Fire Pit and more!
4a. Main Camping Area. (Water, Electricity, Grills, Fire Rings, Concrete Pads)4b. Primitive Camping Area (Fire Rings Only)
4c. Limited Camping Area4d. Feral Forrest – New Primitive Camping Area!
4e. RV/ Quiet Camping Area (Only available by request)5. Weapon Check Pavilion
6. Fighting Field ( Day and Night)7, 7B Parking Areas Available
8. Bath House and Dumpster9. Club House

Timing: Attendees may begin arriving on Tuesday at 5pm. Attendees are expected to depart by Sunday 12:00pm.

Cost: The cost for Adults/Children(3-14 yo) is based on day of arrival as follows: Tues $45 (Adult)/$25 (3-14yo), Wed-Thur $40(Adult)/$20 (3-14yo), Fri-Sat $30(Adult)/$15 (3-14yo). The event cost applies regardless of whether you camp, fight, or feast.

Merchants: Merchants should talk to land grab first, then setup in the area marked as #3 on the map. The campground requires that all merchants have insurance. This offers a layer of protection for everyone.

Medics / Security: Medics and Security will be available in areas 0, 1 and 2.

Pets: No pets are allowed. (Excluding service animals)

Waivers: All attendees are required to have a waiver. Waivers for minors must have a notarized signature of a legal guardian. There must also be an adult onsite who will always be responsible for each minor.

Tag Check: All attendees are expected to always display their tag, including every entrance to and exit from the site.

Driving: The speed limit is 5 MPH. Please be respectful of other drivers, golf carts and pedestrians.

Parking: Only park in areas 7, 7B and other designated parking areas. (i.e. Not in camp, on street…) Do not block other vehicles.

⦁ Areas 3 and 4 have Water, Electricity, Grills, Fire Rings, Concrete Pads.
⦁ Area 4B and 4D are primitive camping areas. (Fires Rings Only)
⦁ Area 4C is a limited camping area. (Only use if directed by event staff)
⦁ Area 4E is for RV or Quiet Camping. Coordinate with campground and event. Only Available by Request.

Fire and Firewood:
⦁ Fire rings / pits may be used in designated areas. Extra firewood available from the campground office. (Area 0)

Quiet Time: Quiet time is from Midnight – 8am. This means no loud noises, singing, drumming, etc.

Feast Menu: Meatballs, Fried Chicken, Parsley Buttered Potatoes, Rigatoni w/Sauce, Corn, Dinner Rolls, Carrots, Broccoli, Cookies, Sweet Tea, Lemonade, Water

Prohibited: Fireworks, firearms, shooting unpadded arrows and other things you know you shouldn’t do. J