Friends in War: As winter’s icy chill loosens its’ grip on our land, and summer’s warmth seems near, rejoice! Whet your blades, strap on your shield, and pick your straightest shafts, for the time has come to determine the Champions of Gates of Fire!

Weapon & Shield
Blue Weapon
Mongolian Wrestling
Combat Archery
Red Weapon
Two -Headed Giant

There is no sign-up for events, simply show up at the posted start time and you will be included! You may enter as many categories as you wish; but if you win one event, you must drop out of all other events except Two-Headed Giant and Wargod.

Event Rules:

  • Each duel will be decided by single-elimination events. If you lose once, you are out of that class.
  • In each class, warriors will be allowed one weapon of that class (no backup), except Two Weapon (Any two
    hand-held, non-missile weapons. Javelins may be used as short spears. No shields allowed.) Two 1H Weapon
    (Each must be < 48”) and Unlimited (Anything goes, including armor and missile weapons).
  • Weapons used in class-specific events may only be used for their “classification”. (i.e. If you enter the Green
    weapon class carrying a thrusting axe, hacks are not permitted. Only the pokey-tip will count.)
  • In the Weapon and Shield category, any non-missile weapon may be used in conjunction with any type of
  • If a weapon breaks or becomes unsafe during a bout, the warrior may exchange it for a comparable weapon,
    from the sidelines. (Otherwise, the fighter fights with what they have!)
  • Archers may carry as many arrows as they wish and may re-use arrows from the field.
  • Armor will only count in the Unlimited Category.
  • In the event of a simultaneous “kill”, fighters will re-fight the duel. (Healed of all wounds and equipment
  • Any fighter that does not appear when a round starts forfeits that round.
  • Once an event starts, no additional fighters may participate in that event.
  • We will use multiple fighting areas, until the semi-final and final rounds.
  • The Archer duels will be fought to the death. (Combat archery)
  • During Two-Headed Giant, if the Giant connection breaks or comes undone for any reason, the Giants
    immediately have one leg “posted”, immobilizing them. (Imagine being split in half!)
  • Contestants may move about their fighting area as they fight.
  • Stepping out of the defined fighting area will result in a forfeit for that round.
  • Deliberate failure to engage an opponent, including a legged opponent, for twenty seconds total will result in a
    forfeit for that round. The twenty count will start when the non-engagement starts and continue as nonengagement continues.
  • If a grapple or close contact situation lasts for over ten seconds with no apparent end in sight, the fighters will
    be separated and have their equipment returned to them, then resume fighting. (Keeping all wounds and
  • Anyone that impedes the smooth flow of the event may be removed from competition by the event organizers
    or the heralds. (This includes, but is not limited to: Excessive cussing, smack talking and yelling at people.)

Dual Selection and Progression:

  • In all events, duels will be fought simultaneously, until the semi-final and final rounds.
  • Individual duels will not have specific heralds assigned.
  • Pairs will be randomly selected for each duel. Each fighter will have an “equal” chance of facing any other
  • No exceptions for re-selecting pairs will be made.
  • In the event there are an odd number of fighters, one fighter will get a “bye” for that round.
  • When the field is narrowed down to 5-7 warriors, the field will then be reduced to 4, for the semi-finals.
  • This will be done by selecting 2 * the number of fighters above four.
  • This may result in 1-3 fighters receiving a semi-finals reduction round bye.


  • Heralds will be on hand to observe the duels.
  • In the semi-final and final rounds, ideally at least one herald will be from a different unit than both contestants.
  • The Heralds will only intercede if a dispute occurs, or a fighter fails to take an obvious hit.